Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Utility Company Litter

[The following post is by Teresa]:  Everything in the photo above was picked up beneath an AT&T  U-Verse "cabinet" one day in April in my neighborhood. This is one of those big green metal control panels. I've walked past the box every day for years and there is always something there on the ground. In addition to what you see in the picture, there are hundreds of little snippets of wire in the dirt too small and numerous to pick up. This is a clear violation of Shelton's Litter ordinance. I've personally had to pick up litter in this spot over and over again. Common guys, pick up after yourself please!

There was also a mess left behind after Hurricane Sandy and the Blizzard wherever the wires had been down on Mill Street and Judson Street -- lots of pieces of plastic and metal. It's understandable that some litter may be left behind by emergency crews in a rush to bring back the power. But it doesn't seem fair for neighborhood volunteers to be stuck picking up debris from the utility companies months after power has been restored.

Update 4/ 19/2013:  Ingrid Waters, a member of the Anti-Litter Committee noted that she also frequently needs to clean up materials left by utility companies. She took the picture below just this week showing items near #88 Long Hill Cross Road:

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