Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cameras Identify Litterbugs

Litter collected at Eklund during a two-week period
Chronic vandalism plagues some of the trailheads in Shelton, so the Conservation Commission has responded by investing in cameras designed to take pictures of wild game, but which can be placed where there is no electricity.  The cameras can be moved about where most needed.  Eklund Garden, located near Hope Lake on Oak Valley Road, has been plagued with vandalism for years, so cameras were installed recently. 

Over the course of about two weeks, the Conservation Agent inspected the parking lot every day or two, picking up all litter, which can be seen in the top photo.  The camera memory cards were then pulled out of the cameras and the photos reviewed.  It was discovered that the parking lot was being used as a frequent party location for a group of young adults, with the largest gatherings coinciding with litter collection shortly thereafter.  

During the largest of the gatherings, someone can be seen putting down a plastic bag and then pulling out a six-pack of Corona beer.  The litter picked up after this gathering includes the black plastic bag left on the rock (visible in all subsequent pictures until picked up by the Conservation Agent), the empty cardboard Corona carton, 5 Corona beer bottles, and several Corona beer bottle caps, along with a load of other litter. The information is being forwarded to the Police for enforcement. 

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