Monday, April 21, 2014

Boy Scout Troop 28

Year after year, Boy Scout Troop 28 is one of our extreme overachievers when it comes to Clean Sweep projects. This year, it was not enough to pick up litter from one location, so they chose four.   They have hauled enormous piles of garbage out of the woods every spring since 2008, the first year of Shelton Clean Sweep. There were the "Volunteer of the Year" for the group category for three out of four years, and "Heavy Metal Champions" for the fourth year.  Here's a look back on their Clean Sweep projects, starting with the four locations they cleaned this year:

2014 - Along Shelton Ave, near the Dog Park

2014 - Shelton Ave at the Powerlines

2014 - Wiacek Open Space, near the High School, Paugussett Trail

2014 - Mohegan Open Space, at Mohegan Road & Far Mill Street

2008 - Junk hauled up from steep ravine at Riverview Park, first year of Clean Sweep.

2009 - Riverview Park, junk hauled up from steep ravine

2010 - Huntington Street Open Space (near Maple Lane)

2011 Shelton Ave Near the Dog Park

2012 Boehm Pond Open Space

2013 Junk removed from the Wiacek Open Space

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