Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Far Mill River "Swimming Hole"

UPDATE July 2020: This park as been essentially closed to the public due to extreme problems with littering and noise at all hours. 

Far Mill River Park is owned by Stratford, but public access and much of the park is located within Shelton. The place is very, very scenic and every summer it is mobbed by people who drive from as far away as New York to cool down.  Sadly, mountains of litter are left behind, and Shelton residents get stuck picking it up.  Many hands make light work, however.  Now that the summer hoards are gone, it is time to clean up the area for the enjoyment of all.

The "Swimming Hole" is part of Shelton's heritage, starting with the earliest Shelton mills, the ruins of which are scattered across the park.  About 100 years ago, a trolley line was constructed from Bridgeport to an amusement park called Pine Rock Park that was built above the river.  The amusement park was short-lived and was soon developed into summer cottages that took advantage of the nearby falls. Summer homes were converted to year-round dwellings over time.  Through it all, the Swimming Hole has been a major scenic attraction. Let's keep it that way.  Here's a video of a cleanup in August. We had a lot of hot weather after that, so we can all assume the park needs a good clean-up once again.
Trolley Line bridge abutment near Rt 110 in Far Mill River Park

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