Monday, December 29, 2014

2015 Clean Sweep Patch - The Split Rock Turkey

Our 2015 Clean Sweep patch pays tribute to the Split Rock Turkey, the "Queen of the Corner" who has been patrolling the intersection of Bridgeport Avenue and Commerce Drive in her search for food.   See a blog post from "In the Field" for more about Shelton's favorite turkey.

The 2015 patch reminds us all that litter isn't only unsightly; it can be harmful to wildlife. In some cases, it's pretty obvious. Animals can become entangled in fishing line, balloon ribbons, or six-pack rings. They may also confuse latex balloons or pieces of plastic for food, and die from digestive obstruction. Plastic tends to wash downstream to Long Island Sound and ultimately the Atlantic Ocean, where it can be stuck in currents for years as it breaks down into smaller particles that may be eaten by fish.

Less obvious is how litter harms wildlife when it's in the form of food. The Split Rock Turkey should be living in the forest instead of strolling about a dangerous intersection, but she has learned to associate people and cars with food. Undoubtedly, people are throwing out scraps for her. It might be well intentioned, deliberate feeding, or she may just be finding litter that has food scraps. Most likely it's a combination. But the end result is the same - she is now living in the streets, looking for scraps.

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