Thursday, November 19, 2015

Litter Definition Expanded

On November 12, 2015, Shelton's Board of Aldermen adopted an amendment to the City Ordinances which expands the definition of litter to include advertising materials. Litter now specifically includes telephone books, books, and advertising materials. Previously it was a more of a gray area in the ordinance, open to interpretation. 

Besides phone books, other items that get thrown in people's driveways and lawns include little baggies that contain a business card and few rocks to weigh it down. No one wants these. No one wants to have to pick them up. Also litter: pamphlets, brochures, fake religious plastic gold coins thrown all over the street. 

Business card in baggie with rocks thrown from car. This is littering. 

Reference Ordinance: Chapter 7 Article I Section 7-9 Littering or Dumping Prohibited. Amendment approved unanimously November 12, 2015. Public Hearing took place October 27, 2015. 

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