Monday, May 8, 2017

Clean Sweep 2017

The "Plavec Group" in Huntington Woods
People across Shelton hit the streets, parks, schools, and waterways for the 10th annual Shelton Clean Sweep, held the week of Earth Day (April 22). There were twenty-five registered cleanups around town and many more that were not registered. Many thanks to everyone involved!

Girl Scout Troop 60672 cleaned up Mohegan School
It's hard to believe the first Shelton Clean Sweep was ten years ago, and the 10-year old kids who participated are now adults. We hope the participation of so many kids will foster an appreciation of litter-free parks and streets in future generations.

Tighe & Bond employees cleaned up Isinglass Road.

We encourage people to report their cleanups, although it seems most people would prefer not to. The 'report a clean-up' form is for all litter cleanups across Shelton, not just for Clean Sweep, and helps us determine how much is getting picked up. The link to report is easy to find on the webpage, on the left margin. Seventeen cleanups involving 122 people were reported via this link during the Clean Sweep 2017 period:

Shelton High Period 2 Civics Class
Shelton High School front area
4 medium sized bags

Sheri Dutkanicz
Nells Rock Road
1 large bag
Pack 24 -
Booth Hill School
Booth Hill School
14 plastic shopping bags
GS troop 60672
Mohegan school
1/2 of a large bag
11 7 year olds
The Pastores
Seneca Road
One large bag and a load of Jack Daniels bottles
Stusalitus Family
Canfield Drive open space along roadside
1 small tire, 1 ice chest, 3 large bags mostly liquor bottles & fast food trash
Girl Scout Troop 60294
Cali Drive
1 large bag and 1 small bag
Carreira Family
Regan Circle, Wooster Street
2 large bags
Boy Scout Troop 28
Shelton Lakes Path
6 tires, vinyl siding, part of a large tractor, a furnace, 2 air conditioners, a car transmission, front and back seat of an old car, 10 additional bags of garbage
Plavec Group
Balsam Circle, Wesley Drive and Shelton Rec Path Parallel
One large 42 gal trash bag
Tighe & Bond
Isinglass Road at the intersection of Huntington Street
15 Large Bags, tire, car parts
Gil Pastore
Farmill River from Yutaka Trail to Farmill Crossing
4 large bags & beach ball
MOMS Club of Shelton
Riverview Park, surrounding play area.
3 large bags
Mikayla Wsilewski/Janie Hulton
Wabuda. Rt108
4 large bags
Daisy Troop 60396
Shelton High School
10 bags- filled as much as a Daisy could carry! :) (about 1/2 filled)
Devin Mitola
Sunnyside Elementary
1 large garbage bag
Fernando Alves
Area around interesection of Meadow Street and Shelton Avenue
2 large bags

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