Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Working on a "Top Ten" List

Which areas in Shelton need the most attention when it comes to litter? We're looking for those spots with chronic issues that aren't getting addressed, places where the litter never seems to get cleaned up. Once we have our Top Ten list, we'll focus on each spot and see what we can do to help get that area cleaned up. Send your thoughts to conservation@cityofshelton.org. 

So far, here are suggestions we've received from Facebook:

  • Bridgeport Ave (Commerce Drive to Center Street)
  • Walmart bus stops
  • Route 8 exit ramps
  • Canal behind Girls & Boys Club
  • Indian Well Road (rt 110 to Birchbank Road), and the area around the falls
  • River Road
  • Leavenworth Road
  • Constitution Blvd South
  • Armstrong Road
  • Daybreak Lane
  • Parking area at TJ Max
  • Old Shelton Road
  • Shelton Ave
  • Nells Rock Road

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